DBA/CIRCULAR NO.4/2015-16                                                                                                                                       DATE: 17/12/2015.


Dear Parents/Guardians,

              We thank Almighty God for our achievement this year and for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us.  We thank you parents/guardians for your encouragement and co-operations.  It has been a year full of activities inter-school and intra-School.  We acknowledge and appreciate the efforts and interest taken by our teachers and students.  Many of our students have achieved success in academics as well as in various school competitions at state and national levels. It has been a year  of trails, success, achievement   and fulfillment for all of us at Don Bosco Academy.

 1. Unit Tests: The second Unit Tests have already commenced from the 12th December-2015 and the result will be declared on the following parent teacher meeting day.

2. Unit Test Results Date: 09/01/2016 :

Classes: 4, 6 & 8      - timing from 8.00 am to 10.00 a.m.

Classes: 5, 7 & 9      - will be from 10.30 am to 12.30 p.m.

 3. Pre-Board Examination for Std.X & XII. The Pre-board examination for Std. X & XII have already commenced from the 9th December 2015 till the 21st December 2015.

 4. Winter Holidays: The winter holidays will commence from 23rd December 2015 and the school will reopen on the 4th January 2015.  The winter timings will continue but subject to weather conditions. The school office and fee counter will remain closed during this period. School fees and bus dues must be cleared by 21.12.2015.

 5. Punctuality : Many students especially those who commute to school by bicycles, Private vans, auto-rickshaws, cycles, rickshaws arranged by you parents and on foot-make it a practice of coming late every morning after the commencement of the morning assembly.  Therefore parents/guardians, kindly take necessary steps to ensure that your ward/s  reach  school in time for the morning assembly or such student/s will be sent back home.        Further more to prevent students from wandering and wasting their time on the road after dismissal, insist that the conveyances arranged by you come exactly on time to take them back home from school campus.  Parents please instruct your ward/s  to be  inside the school campus till their vehicle come to pick them up.

 6. Uniform: You are once again reminded to send your ward/s   to school in the correct prescribed winter uniform.  A small number of boys and girls regularly (seems to modify) ignore the regulations with regard to correct attire /appearance at school.  The uniform must be worn respectfully at all times and parents are requested to cooperate and assist the school and enable their children to adhere to the uniform regulations.

Shoes: The only shoes that should be worn with our uniforms are black leather lace-up shoes not Jazz-style shoes.

Hair Styles:  Hair in terms must be clean and neatly styled according to the school regulations.

 7. Christmas: The Joyous season of Christmas has caught up with us once more to commemorate the Birth of Jesus Christ which took place more than two thousand years ago. The significance of Christmas cannot end with mere external celebrations. Christmas will be truly meaningful  and relevant if we can spread the message that  Jesus gave us during His Ministry, that is , to love one another, especially the poor the sick, the needy and the down trodden.

May this Joy and Peace of Christmas remain with you and your families throughout the year!





DBA/CIR.NO.3./2015-16                                                                                           DATED. 01 .09.2015

 Dear Parents/Guardian,

 1.       You have already been in touch with the Class and subject teachers of your ward/children.  You are  also  aware of the strength and weakness of your children after you had  reviewed the  unit test papers at the recently concluded P.T. Meetings.  We trust  and hope you  are paying proper and careful attention to the progress of your children with their studies.  We  are certain that  remedial steps have been taken to help them improve in their weak subjects.

 2.       Private Vehicles/Auto-Rickshaws:-  Many of  you have made arrangements  for your wards to commute to school and back in private Maruti Vans and Auto-Rickshaws.  We have been observing that these conveyances, especially auto-rickshaws are  overloading their vehicles which are a danger in itself. Please instruct the concerned Transporters that  the students have to be on time for the Morning Assembly everyday – failing which they will be  sent home  immediately.  You are also requested to insist that your children  come to school in the proper  prescribed school uniform.

 3.       Bus Passes:-       Students commuting to school on the School owned buses as well as Ram Baboo’s  Bus service are advised  to carry their Bus Passes  with them  every day.  Any student found without the bus pass will not be permitted to board the Bus.  We recommend R.B Bus service being the oldest dependable service.

 4.       The First Term Examinations:-       The first terminal examinations will commence from the 7th September, 2015.  Please  make sure your ward/s have the syllabi and the time  table.  You are requested to spend some time with your ward/s  during their study-time.

 5.       Admit Cards:-     Admit cards will be issued to all students who have  cleared all their dues up to the third installment i.e. (August & Sept.2015) as well as  school bus fees including that of Ram Babu Bus services too.

 6.       Distribution of Report cards:-  Note the dates on which report cards will be given to parents only.

 Saturday  the  17th October 2015 ,  between  7.30 a.m to 10.30 a.m. for Stds. IV, V, VII & IX  , and from 10.30 a.m to 12.30 p.m. for Stds. VI , VIII & XI.

 7.       Parents  who wish to discuss  any problem regarding your ward/child in confidentiality, you may  meet the principal.





DBA/CIR./NO.2/2015-16.                                                                                                        DATE: 14.05.2015

 Dear Parents & Guardians 

The Academic Session 2015-16 commenced on the 7th April 2015  and I am sure  you are up to date with what is happening in this institution.  The academic  activities have been  brought to a standstill owing  to the sudden occurrences  of  earth quakes and aftershocks  and the orders passed by the competent authorities to close for summer vacation immediately from 13th May onwards. 

Summer vacation:- The school will re-open  on 22nd June  2015 .  The school timings will be from 6.40 A.M to 12.40 P.M. 

School Diary :        Kindly acquaint yourself thoroughly with the Rules and Regulations in the School Diary especially with regard to discipline, attendance, uniforms and payment of fees.


Information Record : The Information Record  in the school diary must be filled in correctly in every detail, especially telephone numbers and addresses and submitted to the Class Teacher.  We have observed on many occasions that the information provided by you in the  information record undergoes certain changes in the course of the year – but, unfortunately, intimation of such changes is not conveyed to the school and in time of emergency we find ourselves unable to contact you.  We would, therefore, request you to please inform the Main school office in writing whenever there is a change  in Telephone number or address, in the interest of your ward/s. 

The School Office will close for the summer holidays on Saturday 23rd May 2015 to Monday 15th June, 2015The school fee counter will not function during this period. The S.B.I. counter will accept all fees except Bus fees. Your fees may be paid at the State Bank of India, Patliputra Branch, on the prescribed days during this period. 

Bus Passes : Students commuting to school on the School-owned buses as well as Mr. Ram Baboo’s Bus services are advised to carry their bus passes with them every day.  Any student found without the Bus Pass will not be permitted to board the Bus. 

Holiday Homework/Project Work.: We hope that your children would follow a study routine during the summer vacations to improve and correct their short comings. Holiday Home Work will be given to students on P.T. Meetings  held on 15th& 16th May 2015.  It will also  be available  on the school web site –


Board Results :  ISC/ICSE Results are expected on the 18th of May, 2015, at 11:30 am. The office will function for the purpose of issuing ISC/ICSE Results.  Admission forms for Std. XI will be available immediately after the declaration of the I.C.S.E Results, from 19th May 2015, between 7:30 am to 11:30 am.  The admission forms must be duly filled in and submitted to the school office within two days. Those candidates who have secured 80% and above at the Std-10 board examinations will be eligible for direct admission to Std.XI. 

We wish you a pleasant and relaxing holiday.  We thank you for your unstinting cooperation in all school activities and we look forward to your continued- support in the coming years.