HOLIDAY  HOME WORK        -        MAY 2018.

N.B.- Please scroll down for respective class home-work


Subject :    English Language.

  1. Do the exercise of ‘prepositions’ from G.E. Pg. No.14 & 15 , Question 1 – 30.
  2. Do the exercise of ‘Question Tag ‘ G.E page No. 39 , Question  1 – 15.
  3. D. G.E. pg. No. 9,  Exercises   B & C
  4. Write composition on any one topic not exceeding 15 sentences (3 paragraphs).
  5. How will I spend my summer vacation.
  6. A frightening dream I had seen.
  7. A class picnic.


STD.V.                  ENGLISH LITERATURE.

  1. Learn all the question & answers of Chapter 1 & 2.
  2. Learn the poem –

          “Stopping by woods on a  snowy evening”.

English Spelling.

Learn column 1, 2, 3 from the spelling list.

STD.V.                  SOCIAL STUDIES.

Learn all the notes given in the exercise books.  (Chapter 1,7, 8 ).

Learn the spellings and practice to draw the given diagrams.  (Use a H.B pencil

Only).  Read the chapters thoroughly.


Topic --   Species of Early Man’.

Make a file and paste pictures and write 3 lines about each stage.


  1. Draw 3 different types of houses made from different materials.   Write two sentences about each of them.
  2. Draw 3 different types of houses made for different environment. Write     two sentences about each of them.
  3. Read the chapters 2,3,& 4.
  4. Learn all the question answer given in the science practical note book.
  5. Practice all the diagrams of chapters 2, 3 and 4.



  1. Learn the objective and subjectives of Chap. 1 & 7.
  2. Learn extra question of Chap. 1 & 7 given in the copy.
  3. Prepare for the class test of Chap. 1 & 7 after summer vacation.


  1. Write and learn the table from 0 to 10.
  2. Write the numbers 0 to 40 in words.
  3. Write and learn the definitions of the following.
  4. a) Line                                          (e)        Acute angle.
  5. b) Line segment              (f)         Obtuse angle
  6. c) Ray                                           (g)        Straight angle
  7. d) Right Angle                              (h)        Adjacent angle.
  8. Write in columns and add :-
  9. i) 456 ; 6108 ; 78925
  10. ii) 312980 ;  3348129 ; 
  11. Write in columns and subtract :
  12. i) 924360;  28314
  13. ii) 4819 ;  321
  14. Multiply.
  15. i) 2134 by 621
  16. ii) 890 by 68.





  1. Read chapters 1, 2, and 8.
  2. Learn the question answers from science practical notebook.
  3. Practice the diagrams given.



  1. Do the Comprehensions. Test No. 11 & 12 from your comprehension book once a week comprehension on a thin small exercise (note) book.
  2. Revise all the rules of Ch.17 subject – verb agreement.
  3. Learn the forms of verb from your grammar book – page- 68, 69.

          Write the verbs and learn.

There will be a class test from the lessons taught soon  after the summer holidays.


  1. Read the chapters taught thoroughly.
  2. Learn all the questions and answers given.
  3. Read the chapters 1 – 10 from the story book Tom Sawyer.

There will be a class test from the lessons taught soon  after the summer holidays.


  1. Learn all the Question & Answers from History Chapter 1 .

          Civics Chapter – 1.

 PROJECT WORK.    TOPIC :  STONE AGE TOOLS.Make a list o stone age tools and paste pictures  collect it in a stick file not exceeding in 4 pages.

STD. VI.               GEOGRAPHY   

  1. Answer the following questions :

a        What is a globe?  State its advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Describe the six different types of maps.
  2. Differentiate between a sketch, plan and map.
  3. d) What do you understand by the following terms .
  4. a) Title, (b)     Direction,     (c)    Legend,  (d) Scale, (d) Grid.
  5. e) How are fold mountains formed? What are anticlines and synclines?
  6. f) Differentiate between –
  7. i) Parallels of Latitude and Meridians of Longitude.
  8. ii) Block mountain and Rift valley.
  9. Draw the following diagrams in your geography copy.(Use pencil only).
  10. a) Anticlines and Synclines.
  11. b) Block Mountain .
  12. c) Conventional symbols used on a map.
  13. On a chart paper, prepare a plan for your school, Don Bosco Academy.


  1. Learn the objectives and subjectives of Chap. 1 & 2. (from Book & Copy)
  2. Prepare for the class test of Chap 1 & 2. After summer vacation.


  1. Write and learn tables from 0 to 10.
  2. Solve the sums.

            Page Nos.                                  Question Nos.

                        17                    -           2  -  b,  c

                                                            3  -  b  , c


                        18                    -           9 , 13

                        29                    -           5, 6 & 8

                        118                  -           3  – c  & 7

            Do these in a thin copy to solve above sums.



 STD.VII.               HOLIDAY HOME WORK       : MAY 2018.


  1. Learn the formulae and S.I. Units of the physical quantities mentioned in Chapter -1.
  2. Solve the numerical (Pg No. 27, 28 ) of chapter 1 . 
  1. Make concept map of ‘Motion  and its types’  Also write the examples of each type. (Pg. No. 51); (chapter -2).




Read and learn  question and Answers of –

Chapter -1.  The Medieval Europe :  Rise and Spread of Christianity.

CIVICS.: Chapter -1. Our Constitution

Write five extra questions from each chapter.


 Make a project on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.




 a) Learn word meanings and Question & Answers of Ch. 3, Maggie cuts her ,  Ch.4 – The Whale story.

 POEMS :  Madhobi, the young spring flower.

  1. b) Huckleberry Finn Book:-

          Write and learn Question & Ans. of  Ch. 1, 2, and 3.

  • After summer vacation a test will be taken based on this.


 Practice the structure given in Guided English Book.

          Pg.34, 35, Ex-  A, B, E, 

          Pg. 36.   Pg- 41, 42, - Ex – A, B, C, D, E.

  1. Revise the taught portion.
  2. Write five sentences with each of the preposition words given:-

          At, in, into, under, on with , by, for , since, over.

  1. Living English Book – Ch. 52, do ex- A,B,C in book.
  2. Write a biography on Kalpana Chawla.
  3. Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her to spend summer vacation

          With you.

      #  Test will be taken based on the HOLIDAY ASSIGNMENT.


Draw well labeled diagrams of the following : 

  1. a) Plant cell.
  2. b) Animal cell
  3. c) Mito Chondria
  4. d) Chloroplast
  5. e)
  6. f)
  7. g)
  8. h) Learn Chapter 1) cell ,  2   Plant Tissue.

      STD.VII.     GEOGRAPHY. 

  1. Draw the diagrams of chapters 2 and 3 in your geography exercise book.
  2. Learn the glossary of chapters 2 and 3.
  3. Learn all the Question & Answers of Chapters 2 and 3 written in the note- book.
  4. Revise the taught chapters.

       STD. VII.    COMPUTER.

  1. Prepare for the class test of Ch.1 & 2. After summer vacation. Learn all       objectives and subjectives questions.
  2. Prepare either of the following topics for class presentation.

          - What technical changes do you want to bring in your school to make it a             smart school.?


          How technology has become an integral part of life?


        What are the different career options you see in IT field.?


STD.VII                                               HOLIDAY HOME WORK – 2018-19


 Learn tables of 0 to 12.

  1. Learn the following formulae
  2. i) ( a+ b)2  = a2 + b2 + 2 ab.
  3. ii) ( a – b)2  = a2 + b2 – 2 ab.

            iii)         a – b2  =  (a+b) (a-b)

  1. Learn the square of Nos. 1 to 10
  2. Learn the cube of Nos. 1 to 5
  3. Solve the following sums
  4. i) Page No. N-13 - Q.No.5
  5. ii) Page No. N-22 – Q No. 6

iii)         Page No. N-30, 31        -  Q. No. 4, 10

  1. iv) Page No. A-8 – Q.No.11.
  2. v) Page No. A-12 - Q. No. 5
  3. vi) Page No. A-16 No. 5, 8, 14, 17

*          Revise the chapters – Integers, Fractions and Algebra  (Ex-1 and Ex.2 only)

*          Note  : Use a thin copy to solve above sums.


  STD.VIII                        HOLIDAY  HOME WORK.                   MAY – 2018.


  1. Make a project on the topic -

          The Art and architectural features of these monuments.

  1. a) Buddhist cover.
  2. b) Ajanta
  3. c) Iron Pillar
  4. d) Allahabad Pillar Inscription.
  5. e) Sanchi Stupa.
  6. Make five extra questions from Ch.1 ( The Harappan Civilization)

          And Ch.1  Civics (Our constitution).

  1. Learn the question- answers of the given chapters.


STD.VIII.              ENGLISH  LITRATURE.         

  1. Learn all the question and answers of the chapter.
  2. a) The open window.
  3. b) A present for Grandfather.

          Poetry :

  1. a) Parrot
  2. b) Lines written in Early Spring.
  3. Read the chapter - ‘The Three Question’
  4. Write book review of the Ch. 1,3 and 6.

          (Sixteen Tales of Shakespeare].



 Practice the structures given in Guided English Book

          [Page No. 15 – 42].

  1. Make 5-5 sentences with various prepositions. [At least – 15]
  2. Write a letter to your friend describing how you are going to

          Spend summer holidays?

  1. Write a composition on the topic –

           ‘What will I share?’ in about 200 words.

  1. Revise the taught portion.


STD. VIII                       PHYSICS.

  1. Chapter -1. Matter

          Exercise -  B.           All  Short/long answers questions.

  1. Chapter -2. Physical Quantities and measurement.

          Exercise – C.        All numerical.

          Also prepare chapter 1 and chapter 2. Do it in your class work copy.


  1. Learn and memorize common name, chemical name and formula.
  2. Write down the Question & Ans. of chapt.1(a),1(b), and 1 (c) in a separate          H.W. Copy.
  3. Learn and practice all the equation of chapt. 1.



 Make a chart on development  of Java Language.


STD.VIII.   BIOLOGY  PROJECT WORK.                

  1. Plant cell.
  2. Animal Cell.
  3. Mitochondria
  4. Chloroplast
  5. Nucleus.
  6. Parenchyma
  7. Sderenchyma.

 Learn chapter 2 & 3 (Plant Tissue)


STD.VIII                                             HOLIDAY HOME WORK – 2018-19


  1. Tables of multiplication from 0 to 15.
  2. Tables of squares from 0 to 20
  3. Learn formulae of
  4. i) Profit, Profit %
  5. ii) Loss , Loss %

            iii)         Discount

  1. iv) Marked price
  2. v) Discount %
  3. vi) (a+b)2

            vii)        (a – b)2

            viii)       a2 – b2

  1. ix) (a + b)3
  2. x) ( a – b )3

 Revise the chapters which are taught before summer vacation.

                        Ex – 1 B           - Q.6, Q.10(iv)

                        Ex-1 C  -           Q. 9

                        Ex- 1D  -           Q.13

                        Ex.-1E  -           Q.2 , Q.7

                        Ex- 3 A -           Q.3,Q.7  (iii), (v)

                        Ex-3B               -           Q.3 (v)

                        Ex-3C   -           Q.12(ii)

                        Ex-7A   -           Q.8, Q.20

                        Ex.7B               -           Q.4, 12

                        Ex- 11A            -           Q. 6

                        Ex – 11B          -           Q.9 (iii) , Q.12, Q.15

                        Ex – 11 C         -           Q.13

                        Ex -      11 D     -           Q .1(xv) , Q.2 (ii)

                        Ex – 11 E         -           Q.14, Q.15



 STD.IX                           HOLIDAY   HOME WORK.      MAY  2018.    

Std. IX - English Literature:

  1. What are the benefits of planting trees according to the poet?
  2. Write a summary of the poem, ‘The Cold Within’.
  3. Who are Red Indians? Why are they so called? (Write in about 100 words)

Std. IX English Language:     FROM TOTAL ENGLISH BOOK:
Revise the following lessons daily:

1 Pages 11-13 on composition-writing

2 Pages 14-20 on NOTICE AND E-MAIL

3 Pages 31-38 Articles (Do the exercise on page 38)

4 Pages 53-55 Agreement of verb with its subject (Do the exercise on page 55)

5 Pages 68-70 Tense-1 (exercise on page -70)

6 Pages 80-84 Tense-2 (exercise on page-84)

7 Pages 85-86 Paragraph Writing

8 Pages 100-102 Types of Essays

9 Pages 112-116 Prepositions (memorize them)

10 Pages 260-267 Improving speaking skills

11 Pages 268-272 Reading Lessons (Read aloud all your lessons daily)

1  (In your notebook)  Write down any ONE of the following compositions from The Total English Work book – Guided Composition on pages 40 and 41.

REVISE all that was taught in class and be prepared for the 1st Unit Test when you return after the Vacation.

Std-IX.  History - PROJECT WORK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  1. Make a project on the topic -

          ‘The Industrial Revolution’.

  1. Learn the question- Answer of the given syllabus.


PROJECT Work to be completed. 

Photocopy provided to the students for the guidelines.

Learn the topics completed.

 STD.IX.                CHEMISTRY .

 Do the following exercises in a separate copy –

Ex. 3A, 3 B, 4 C , 4 D and 4 E.



Any one leading public Sector undertaking.  Project should include the following

Basic contents:-

Meaning, Merits and demerits, differences from private undertaking.)


Make a detailed study of the Transport facility available in your town.

Which is not popular? Why?


Visit a Bank near to your house.  Collect information about various function performed in the bank and the services provided to  its customers.


  1. Use school project copy (thick).
  2. Try to include all 3 project in one copy.
  3. Submit the project without covering and decoration.
  4. Project should contain the following:-

          Certificate, Acknowledgement, Index, Contents with supportive photographs,           conclusion and Bibliography.

  1. Project should be handwritten with Black ink.


N.B.  It is mandatory to submit the project on July 31, 2018 or else your project    will not be accepted.



 Revise Ch. I, Definition of Economics.

Adam Smith’s, Marshall’s , Robbin’s, Samuelson’s  & importance of study of Economics.

Ch. 2. Basis Terms & Concepts of Economics.

 Std. IX – Geography Project Work 

 Topic :- Pollution

Format of the Project

  1. Acknowledgement
  2. Contents

         -- Introduction

         -- Aim of the Project

       3. Types of Pollution.:

  2. Water Pollution
  3. Soil Pollution
  4. Radiation     
  5. Noise Pollution      

       4.Preventive Measures.  


       6. Bibliography

 Summer Holiday Homework

Review Questions of the Chapters - 1. The Earth as a Planet, 2. The Geographic Grid- Latitudes and Longitudes  and 3. Rotation and Revolution to be answered along with the diagrams in the Geography Notebook.

These works are to be submitted to the concern Teachers on the reopening day of the School after the Summer Vacation.


STD.IX.                                     HOLIDAY HOME WORK – 2018-19


 Write and learn

  1. i) Multiplication tables 0-15
  2. ii) Square and square root 0-26

iii)         Trigonometrical  ratios of std  angles (values)


  1. Practive all chapters taught till (date) 16th May 18 for the unit test.



Std.X - English Literature:

1 Do questions on The Merchant Of Venice from the ICSE papers of 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Std.X - English Language (Total English):

Test Paper -10

Question Number – 1 (any ONE topic)

Question Number – 2 (any ONE  topic)

Question Number – 3 Email and Notice Writing

Question Number – 4 Comprehension Passage

N.B:-  Test Paper – 10.

Question-1.           Essay on any 1 topic.

Question-2.           Letter writing ( ‘a’ or ‘b’)

Question-3.           ‘a’ & ‘b’

Question-4.           Comprehension.



Do the ICSE question (last 10 years) of the following  chapters in a separate copy.

  1. Periodic Table.
  2. Ammonia.


 STD. X.                 BIOLOGY.

 ICSE Board questions to be solved from last 10 years question papers.

Chapter –    1        Circulatory System.

  1. Excretory system.
  2. Absorption by Roots.
  3. Population
  4. Pollution.

  STD.X.        GEOGRAPHY  PROJECT work (2018-19).

          Topic :- Wildlife Conservation efforts in India

       Format of the Project

  1. Acknowledgement
  2. Contents
  3. Introduction
  4. Aim of the Project
  5. What is wildlife Conservation?
  6. How is Wildlife endangered in India.
  7. Major dangers to wildlife.
  8. Top 10 most endangered Wild animal species of India.:-     i.Indian Tiger  ii. Indian Dolphin  iii. Gharial  iv.  the Great Indian Bustard  v. Indian Rhinoceros vi. Black Buck  vii. Indian Wild Ass  viii. Indian Wild Dog  ix. Nilgiri Langur  x. Red Panda

       9. Wildlife Conservation efforts in India.

      10. Wildlife Conservation initiatives by the Government of India.

      11. Wildlife Conservation initiatives by the NGO’s

      12. Wildlife Sanctuaries in India.

      13. Wildlife Conservation Projects.

      14. Conclusion

      15. Bibliography



 Topic –I.

  1. Develop a hypothetical table of information for coffee that shows quantity

          demanded at  various prices and supply of coffee at these prices . Draw

          a demand curve and supply curve and show an equilibrium price at which   market is cleared of its supplies.  Other details about the project givenin the     class.

  1. Take a nationalized bank – visit any one of its branches in your city. Analyze the main functions of this banks branch.

          Details about this project given in the class. 

  1. Take a case of 5 FMCGS – bathing soaps, toothpastes, facial creams, shampoos, ball pens.  Analyze as to have the market for these products ie  characterized by product differentiations.  Details about this project given in the class. 
  1. Take the case of a cottage or small scale industry. Analyze the production process in which all the factors that you studied  in your  class are used by        the company to produce a product.




 Non Cooperation movement.

  1. Civil Disobedience movement.
  2. Quit India movement.
  3. Revise the Board questions of the chapters taught.


STD.X                                      HOLIDAY HOME WORK – 2018-19


 Revise the topics (chapter`s) of Std.X th taught in the  class till 16.5.2018.

  1. Revise the syllabus of the final term of Std.9th (1xth ) [session 2017-18.]





 PREPARE Project on Public Sector enterprise.  Analyse the Trend of its         Growth for the last 10 years.

  1. A project on Banking. Analysis  of Lending performance of five commercial banks  in the past six years with  reference to the changing   CRR and SLR.
  2. Learn Given Notes.


STD.XII.               MATHEMATICS.

  1. Revise all the formula of trigonometry taught in Std.XI.
  2. Solve last 10 years ISC board questions of the following chapters.(In a

          Separate copy).

  1. Relation & Function.
  2. Inverse Trigonometric function.
  3. Matrices.
  4. Determinant.
  5. Revise all types of functions & graph of functions including I.T.F both

          From XI & XII books.

  1. Revise all the exercise of taught chapters from Book-I of Std.XII.




Marketing strategies of two well known companies including product mix,

Price mix , place mix and promotion mix.


Investment scheme and capital structure of five leading companies according to the current NIFT  listing, and make  a SWOT analysis of the above companies.

 NOTE :-

  1. Use school project copy.
  2. Separate copies for each project .
  3. Cover the 1st project with yellow coloured chart paper.
  4. Project should contain the following items.-

          Certificate,  Acknowledgement  , Index, content with supportive snaps        conclusion and Bibliography.

  1. Certificate should contain the space for internal examiner’s signature and External examiner’s signature.

N.B.   It is mandatory to submit the project on 10th September 2018 or else your   project will not be accepted.